1. Grammar 30%

A. Fill in the correct form of the past tense.

1. That woman _________ (not buy) a new product last week.

2. The janitor ___________(clean) the public area yesterday.

3. She _________(drink) a lot of coffee during a meeting this morning.

4. This morning my boss _________(tell) me to work harder.

5. _________ your CEO _________(cut) your salary last month ?


B. Choose the correct answer.


6.James ran into a movie star _____________.

A. a week ago                 B. in a week                   C. for a week                 D. during a week

7.   I am going to the supermarket ___________.

A. ten minutes ago          B. in ten minutes       C. ten minutes   D. next ten minutes

8. Every _____________ my school has a reunion. The next one will be held in 2022.

   A. century            B. year                       C. decade                     D. month

9.   I arrived ________ the office late this morning because of a traffic jam.

   A. at                        B. in                               C. of                               D. on                     

10. _______ my opinion, chewing gum during an interview is not appropriate.

   A. At                          B. In                          C. To                              D. On            

11. Lucy preferred studying in a library ________ studying at home.

 A. at                          B. in                                 C. to                               D. on

12. Jason prefers____________ milk instead of coffee in the morning.    

   A. drinks                   B. to drinking              C. drinking                       D. being drink

13. I ___________ stay at home ________ go to a movie tomorrow.

   A. would prefer; to B. would rather; than C. would prefer; than    D. would rather; to

14. We________ go on the trip if I didn't have to work this weekend

A. should           B. could                        C. couldn’t                   D. shouldn’t

15. You’ve gained weight. You __________ get some exercise.

A. should           B. could          C. couldn’t                D. shouldn’t

1. didn’t buy

2. cleaned

3. drank

4. told

5. Did, cut

6. A

7. B

8. C

9. A

10. B

11. C

12. C

13. B

14. B

15. A


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